Regional of Moria/Logroño Swiss 5th overall 3rd/21

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Wonder Woman - 1st Discord Tourney Finalist 40 27 13 1.0
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zarius 162


Amoon 1

Oh yeah! Now that's a deck ^^

Atanas (Nasi) Keranov 270

Congrats! I'm glad to see the deck type performs well. I really like Wheels in the deck. It is a nice addition. What I wondered though is can you afford to ambush the Informants? How do you play them usually?

zarius 162

@at.keranov, congrats for your deck. I loved and wanted to do my version. With the inclusion of The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due you can get 7 gold easily, to play Olenna's Informant or The Hound or even both. I tried to do other good turns and not just the The Annals of Castle Black one. The game lost, in the top4, was due to mistake after too much games in the tourney with this deck, it's very brainy.

Thanks @Amoon!

Manuel Cabezalí 415

@zariusCongratulations on such great performance!

zarius 162

Thanks @Manuel Cabezalí! Hope to see you soon!

r480 116

Holly cow!
Crazy decks, as always. Love your style since 1.0 man. C u soon!!!

zarius 162

Hey @r480! Thanks! The game is letting us now to do some more weird things :D See you soon too!