No Funny Stuff: Ep 10 - Stark Lord of the Crossing

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SirLargeness 484

Howdy friends. Corresponding deck list to the linked episode in the video series. Please check it out :

Brief descriptor: With Control and Stall decks taking up a bigger piece of the meta, we try to go back to the basics of the game and attempt to find a deck that ends the game quickly while having resiliency to resets should they happen. One of Stark's few current strengths is having characters that provide resiliency to reset plots. We test if adding Flea Bottom's recursion to the mix provides Stark with the availability of icons to consistently trigger LoTC and ultimately win the game thru serious power pressure.

Thanks for watching!


DrNovak 1

Howdy Chris, always enjoying your vidz! Whats your take on Stark in the current meta and with the new econ location coming up, do you think Stark will be able to make a stronger mark in the future? Do you think power rush is the way to go or a more controlling approach now with the Flea Bottom overflowing games? I have always enjoyed the control approach with Frozen Solid, Ward, Marriage Pact, Milk etc and with more gold available it would be stronger of course. Lastly what do you feel Stark lack to be a real contender?

DrNovak 1

And what do you think about the new Bran and Direwolf decks, would love to see you try that out on YouTube