House Tyrell. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 7. STR: 5.


Reaction: After a character enters play under your control, pay 1 gold to have Mace Tyrell gain 1 power. (Limit once per phase.)

Action: Kneel your faction card to remove another character you control from the game until the beginning of the next phase.

Lukasz Jaskolski
House of Thorns #1.

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Mace Tyrell

Rules FAQ:

  • When a character is removed from play by Mace's ability, it leaves play as normal: any non-terminal attachments on it are returned to their owner's hands, any terminal attachments and tokens are discarded, any lasting or delayed effects affecting it expire. At the beginning of the next phase, that character enters play under its owner's control, standing.

  • Barring the Gates and The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due will not prevent characters removed by Mace's ability from reentering play. (Source)

  • If the character removed from the game by Mace Tyrell cannot reenter play because another copy of it is in the dead pile, that character would remain removed from the game indefinitely. (Source)
mplain 171
Would this ability be able to save a character from Dracarys? I'm guessing it would, but I'm not 100% sure on that. — CMonster907 7
It's an Action, not an interrupt. You cannot use an Action ability until after Dracarys resolves. — mplain 171
Does the card enter play standing? RRG: "The default state in which cards enter play is standing." — Kutta 8
Yes, the card enters play standing. — mplain 171
but the dracarys question has validity...if you pump the character with a until end of challenge STR pump..and he gets dracarysd...he would normaly die at the end of the chal...but the removing will save him i guess? of course his str. doe not count for resolution — arathorn 1
If Mace removes a character that is affected by both Dracarys and a temporary STR buff, both of these lasting effects will expire for the removed character. He will reenter play unaffected by either. — mplain 171
Does the strength of the re-entering charachter count for dominance if it was removed in the challenges phase? (as it enters in "in the beginning of the phase") — GARL1CD0G 31
Yes, it does. The character enters play in step 5.1, dominance is counted in step 5.2. — mplain 171