You Can (Not) Survive - Winner Room 342 tournament 28/10/201

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NerferNazgul 208

Swiss 9 player:

G1 vs Nightwatch Brotherhood:Lose / G2 vs Martell Fealty: Win / G3 vs Tyrell Lord of the crossing: Win / Semifinal vs Baratheon banner of the kraken: Win / Final vs Greyjoy Fealty: Win

Well...there isn't really much to explain, the deck is an aggro very strong who have an heavy controll about opponents characters and and location thanks to the massive quantity of remuval, and thanks to the brotherhood without banners, wirwood bow and rattleshirt. You can easly win the military challenge, going the most of time you can as the first player to cut more charachers than you can, or kneel them thanks to the intimidate given by the agenda (if you don't need stealth to win). Open the most of the times with all the plot with claim 2 or Marched, so the opponent must overextend his economy for play more characters for resist better at your aggro, after then you should controll the location thanks to Political disaster, so you cut his economy or important location for his controll. Now you should play Put to the Torch &/or The north Remembers to destroy what remains, and you can start to go as second player and use agenda for draw with insight because you should have played a lot of event, or you can start to give renown so you can begin to play for close the match. Usually you will never close before plot 6 so have to maintein calm and make really good decision about what you need to remove and what not, because you don't have really much money to do everything.

Is really funny to play if you like aggo, so even if i won a tournament with not much player i decided to post it because maybe there isn't list about brotherhood actually and i guess could be a good point of view to start to think how this agenda can be used.

I'm really proud of it because it works better than i think, but i didn't tested it very much (i've done lesser than 20 match), so probably can be better choice so i'm here ready to discuss who want to suggest something, and after all i swear you can enjoy if you decide to play it ^^


iaan 17

Looks great! Are those grindy control-reset decks you see a lot today a problem?

NerferNazgul 208

@iaanwell, is very situational, i can kill varys before make reset, with harrenal or put or roose, and if him/her try to use him with The Last Gigant i can cancel with bran or kill with harrenal or can be blocked by begging brothers or the board could be too small and it could die by a claim 3, even if i didn't really tested vs hard reset when i builded this list i considered how to block that too. Opponent valar isn't very problematic, and you make controll location too, so he risk to slow himself too much and you take a very huge advantage for can be recovered by the opponent. If you have more fear about opponent hands than location, you can change put to the torch with tarred heads, but is lesser synergic with the north remembers, but could be an idea, if you are talking about some other specific deck, please explain so i can give you a better answer ^^