Targaryen Wolf | 6th/68 (swiss 3rd) @ ZGZ VI 2017

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zarius 136

This is the deck I used in Zaragoza VI 2017, one of the greatest tournaments in Spain.

It had a very good performance, specially against Tyrell/Crossing decks (won 2 of them in the swiss and 1 in the top), doing a 6W/1L in the swiss, finishing in 3rd place.

I lose in the Top 8 round, against a very bad pairing against Targaryen/fealty with a lot of weenies and House of the Undying.

The deck tries to keep opponent table empty of characters, so you can win the challenges without opposition.

Behaved very stable during all rounds due to the good setup based in low cost chars and locations.


kaikou 282

Great player and great performance. I actually won the tournament and I couldn't do anything against you in the Swiss. And one more time, congratulations for your deck. It's a very original idea.

zarius 136

Thanks @kaikou and congratulations again for out second big tournament in a row!

r480 12

Always a pleasure to play against you. Super offensive deck, I didn't have a chance due to my setup choice, love it. Grats!!!

zarius 136

Same for me @r480! You know you'll have your revenge opportunity :D

iaan 17

Awesome deck and great performance man! 2 questions:

  1. What are the bad matchups of the deck? I dont think there are too many, but wall decks could be a problem if you dont get things right at the beginning.
  2. How do you handle first snow? Thx! :D

zarius 136

Thanks @iaan!

  1. Worst matchups are those with many weenies. Another targaryen with low costed people or Stark maybe.
  2. I didn't expect many First Snow, and I was right. Anyway, most of chars are unique and 3x. In first turn i normally could play 1 dupe or 2, so First Snow is not that dangerous.