House Greyjoy. Loyal.
Plot. Income: 2. Initiative: 8. Claim: 2. Reserve: 5. Plot deck limit: 1.


Interrupt: When you gain power for winning an unopposed challenge, gain 2 power instead.

Tomasz Jedruszek
Taking the Black #12.

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Rise of the Kraken

Rules FAQ

Rise of the Kraken triggers at step "U" in the DUCK acronym

Determine winner - this is where you'd trigger reactions to winning/losing, like Tears of Lys, Lannisport, and Ghaston Grey

Unopposed bonus - this is where you'd trigger reactions to claiming the unopposed bonus, like Rise of the Kraken

Claim - this is where you'd trigger reactions to claim, for example if a Lord or Lady is killed for military claim, Joffrey can trigger here

Keywords - finally, keywords and their reactions happen last, for example, when Robert gains a power for renown, you can trigger Lightbringer

The man in this picture is so strong that he is pulling a warship onto the beach with one hand. He clearly works out and lives by the adage “No pain, no extra unopposed power gain”. The reason the income on this plot is so low is because he spent all your money on protein supplements and beard care products. He keeps it a secret though because Ironborn don’t pay the gold price for anything, let alone cosmetics. 2 claim is great tho. 10/10