After all agendas are announced, search your deck for a non-limited unique location with printed cost 3 or lower and put it into play. That location cannot be discarded from play by card effects.

You cannot spend more than 4 gold during setup.

Card design by 2011 Overall World Champion, Corey Faherty.

Kristina Carroll
Journey to Oldtown #39.

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The House With the Red Door

Rules FAQ:

  • Cards placed in setup are considered to be already in play when the game begins, so they do not trigger any "enters play" abilities.

  • The location cannot be discarded from play. It can still leave play by any other means: it can be sacrificed (Sea Bitch + The North Remembers), returned to hand (Scaling the Wall), placed on top of the deck (Raiding the Bay of Ice), or removed from the game.

  • If the location changes control (e.g. via Dagmer Cleftjaw), it is still protected by the agenda.

  • If the location leaves play and subsequently enters play again, it is no longer protected by the agenda (the agenda loses track of "that card").
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