Reduce the gold value on your revealed plot card by 1.

Marshaling Action: Kneel your faction card to choose 1 card in your hand and place it facedown in shadows with a shadow token on it. While that card is in shadows, if it does not have the printed shadow keyword, it gains shadow (X). X is its printed cost.

Card design by 2015 European Joust champion, Jesús Valdés Gaspar.

David Griffith
Daggers in the Dark #118.

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Assault from the Shadows

Rules FAQ:

  • If you place [The Hand's Judgment]() into shadows, it can then be played for free to cancel any event, regardless of its printed cost. (Source)
mplain 237
How does the agenda interact with The Things I Do For Love? I mean the event, not the things themselves. — Gerry 306
You can put TIDFL into shadows, and then bring it out to bounce a 0-cost character! — imrahil327 129
Once a Shadow token is placed on a card does it retain that token and count as a card with shadow while in play after being removed from shadows? — NoTcHeS12 1

Rules FAQ

  • If you use the agenda action to put a card with printed shadows into shadows, it does not gain shadow (X).
  • If you place a card with cost X into shadows, it gains shadows (0). If it is played from shadows, X equals 0. This means that e.g. Gifts for the Widow could only search for cost 0 attachments if played from Shadows.
  • The Hand’s Judgment can be played for free to cancel an event from shadows.