"The Rains of Castamere"

About sneak attack - can I play sneak attack after playing military and power as my challenges 1&2?

Ser Dontos Hollard

Can Ser Dontos Hollard save Lysa Arryn after her interrupt has triggered? I'm not too sure about the timing here.

Because if he can save he will become a centerpiece in the House Arryn/House Tully deck I'm building right now.

I'm afraid not. "Would be killed" interrupts always happen before "is killed" interrupts. :) —
Battle of the Camps

Rules FAQ

  • If you choose to kill the character and that character is saved, it will not be knelt.

  • The reaction of Battle of the Camps happens before the reaction of Battle of the Trident. You can first kneel (or kill) a character with Battle of the Camps, then reveal a new plot after claim is applied. The other way around will not work though. If you reveal this plot with Battle of the Trident, it will be too late to trigger its reaction in the same challenge.

Broken Men

Rules FAQ

  • You can sacrifice The God's Eye, The Eyrie (AHaH) or your The House With the Red Door location for this. You can even sacrifice Pleasure Barge since the sacrifice is a cost rather than an effect.

  • Even if the character you discarded from play was the only attacking character, challenge resolution will still proceed as normal.

  • You can choose your own participating character if you like.