The Prince that was Promised

Two questions: 1)May I have 3 different copies (of name) of Roberth Baratheon in my deck with this Agenda? 2)May I choose wich copies I marshall? For Exaple, Can I marshall Robert from Core when, before My other copy of Robert leaves play?

Marriage Pact


Question sent to Danny Schaefer:
Hello Daniel! A question about Marriage Pact: [text of Marriage Pact]. If I attach Marriage Pact to my own character (e.g. in order to protect it from Unexpected Delay), can I declare it as an attacker or defender?
Should I read "challenges against me" as any challenges in which I am the attacking or defending player? Or should I read "participate against me" as referring only to characters controlled by my opponents? I'd assume the latter, but Dany's text is very specific: [text of Daenerys Targaryen (Core)].
I'm not sure if this wording is just supposed to be extra clear, or if "participating in challenges against you" actually includes characters on both mine and my opponent's sides.
Danny Schaefer's reply:
Hello! The latter interpretation is correct. The character is prevented from participating “against” you in a challenge, but could still participate in a challenge in your side, as you are not taking part in the challenge “against” yourself. Daenerys’s card includes the “on an opponent’s side” text for added clarity. Thanks! Danny Schaefer

Littlefinger's Meddling

Rules FAQ

  • For events costing X, the value of X is defined by card ability or player choice, after which the amount paid may be modified by effects without altering the value of X.
Areo Hotah

In a melee game, if Areo enters play during a challenge between the other 2 players, can his ambush reaction still be used and one of the participating characters removed from the challenge even though the Martell player is neither the attacker nor the defender in the challenge?

Yes —
The Red Viper

If you win a challenge in which you control two attacking bastard character, can you trigger reaction twice?

no. reactions and interrupts can only be triggered once per their triggering condition, which in this case is winning with attacking Bastard character —