Rules FAQ

  • Craster can be saved while The Bloody Flux is revealed because he is immune to Omen plots.

Rules FAQ

  • As a reaction to claim being applied, you cannot trigger Trading with Qohor as the defender.

  • This reaction takes place during the “C” step of “D.U.C.K.”; after reactions to winning and unopposed challenges, but before keywords are applied.

  • Qohor can be triggered on a claim of 0, or if normal claim effects are replaced (e.g. Mirri Maz Duur).

  • Qohor does not trigger off of Maester Aemon WOTW.

  • You must search for a different attachment by title.
Since it is claim being applied to a challenge you won, and you can only apply claim if you win as the attacker, there is quite no need to specify that you can't trigger the agenda as the defender. —

Rules FAQ

  • Triggering the action on City Gates does not count as playing or marshalling a limited card.

Rules FAQ

  • If you reach 15 power, you may continue accruing power as normal, you simply cannot win the game unless you blank Tycho Nestoris or he leaves play.

  • If a player controls Tycho Nestoris and his “You cannot win the game” ability is active, nothing within the game rules can cause that player to win the game. If all of that player’s opponents are eliminated, the game ends with no winner. (In a tournament, this is recorded as a loss for each player.)

  • If a tournament game goes to time with a player controlling Tycho at 15 power, that player’s opponent receives a modified win, as that opponent is considered to be closer to their victory condition. If a tournament game goes to time with both players controlling Tycho, both players receive a loss.

  • If a player controls Tycho at the end of a Melee game, the best placement that player can achieve is 2nd place. If a tournament Melee game goes to time and a player controlling Tycho has the highest power total, the player with the next-highest power total is the winner of the game.

  • Tycho does not prevent a player from winning if that player’s opponent concedes the game.

Rules FAQ

  • If you trigger Meereen twice in one phase (e.g. with Veteran Builder), you will discard your hand and draw all the cards you placed under it, then discard your hand again and will end the phase with no cards in hand.

  • If two different players trigger the same Meereen (e.g. with Sea Bitch) the effects are separate; each player will discard their hand and then return the cards they placed under Meereen to their hand.
If Meereen gets discarded, what happens to the cards under it? —