Prince of the Narrow Sea

Rules FAQ

  • You only compare initiative when revealing new plots in the plot phase. That step is skipped when a player reveals a new plot with "The Rains of Castamere" or Battle of the Trident, so the reaction cannot be triggered at that time.

  • If the initiative values are tied, you must first break that tie to determine who wins and loses initiative. In a melee game, you still lose initiative even if some of the other "losing" players have a lower initiative value than you.

  • The reaction is triggered immediately after you lose initiative, before choosing a new first player, and well before resolving any When Revealed abilities. That means you can return a character to your hand before it is affected by a plot like Valar Morghulis (but not before it is affected by a plot like Blood of the Dragon).

  • Attached character itself may be returned to hand to pay the cost of the ability. The attachment will return to hand at the same time, but the effect will still resolve.

  • You must be able to choose both a character and a location in order to trigger the reaction (you are allowed to choose among your own cards as well). If you cannot choose two valid targets, you cannot return a character to hand even if that would benefit you.

Jon Arryn

Rules FAQ

  • Jon Arryn cannot be saved from any effect that would cause him to leave play. That includes being killed, discarded from play, sacrificed, removed from the game, returned to hand, shuffled into the deck, placed in shadows, placed in the discard or dead pile, or placed on the top or bottom of a player’s deck.

  • The Forced Interrupt is triggered automatically when Jon Arryn leaves play. Each player individually makes a choice whether to draw 2 cards, gain 1 power, or neither.

  • You gain 1 power before Jon Arryn leaves play. If that gets you to 15 power, you win the game. All players gain power simultaneously, so it is possible for two or more players to reach 15 power at the same time. If that happens, the first player decides who wins the game.

The forced interrupt is actually only triggered when Jon Arryn is killed. It don't trigger for other reasons of leaving play. —

I have a question: If I play with Alliance as my main agenda, and the 2 extra agendas i'm using are The Long Voyage" and "Knights of the Realm", what's my minimun deck size? 75 cards for Alliance, or 100 cards for The Long Voyage?

Careful, Alliance doesn't allow you to play those two agendas. It only allows you to play agendas that have the Banner trait, like those you get in the core set (Banner of the Wolf, etc.), as well as Trading With Qohor and Free Companies. But, hypothetically, if you had two different minimum deck size requirements, I imagine the higher one would prevail. :) —
Nefarious Acolyte

So this would not work during plot phase because you have no gold yet and there is no plot phase action window until after "when revealed" effects have resolved in initiative order... Am wondering if you must be the first player to negate a plot when revealed effect in order for this action to resolve first? Seems very narrow usage...

This can not negate when revealed effects. This is for dealing with constant effects such as Barring the Gates or Blood of the Dragon. —
Admittedly, there are ways to gain gold that early. Perhaps The Iron Bank Will Have It's Due? Inefficient, though. Maybe The Long Plan. —
Jaqen H'ghar

If I win a challenge with Jaqen and a second character but then remove the second character from play before triggering Jaqen, for example via Tyrion Lannister (LoCR) by returning a Clansman to hand to raise claim, can I then trigger Jaqen for winning the claim alone? I'd have thought not, as he didn't WIN the claim alone but I'd like to clarify.

Yes, that works. The "attacking alone" situation was clarified in the official FAQ. —