Rules FAQ

  • Putting a limited location into play does not count towards your limit of marshalling or playing 1 limited card per round.

If a character was to lose a power icon. Does this apply to that character? I’m unsure how to interpret it.


how does this work with ‘the gods eye?’ If I were to have three in play and two other locations, choosing the two other locations, does the ‘cannot be discarded from play’ text allow me to keep the five locations in effect?

God's Eye is unique, so you can't have 3 in play at the same time. But yes, you could choose your other two locations and God's Eye would remain in play because it cannot be discarded. —

As you can see, this artwork isn't the Queen of Thorns, but instead a shrewd diplomat in her seasoned years. Possessing a standard stand and remove ability for Tyrell, for the modest price of 5 gold, whichever way you look at it. 10/10 for NOT Queen of Thorns.


If the card enters play directly (not from shadows) does her text still apply? 'Return' to me suggests a starting location was defined.