Plot. Income: 5. Initiative: 6. Claim: 1. Reserve: 7. Plot deck limit: 2.

Riddle. Scheme.

When Revealed: Initiate the when revealed ability on a revealed non-Riddle plot card as if you had just revealed it.

"In a room sit three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man with his gold. Between them stands a sellsword, a little man of common birth and no great mind. Each of the great ones bids him slay the other two." Varys
Serena Malyon
Across the Seven Kingdoms #20.

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Varys's Riddle

Riddle vs. Harvest

Here are your 2 main choices when revealing both plots at the same time:

  1. Varys's Riddle player is 1st, collects 5 gold. Summer Harvest player is 2nd, collects 2 gold.
  2. Summer Harvest player is 1st, collects 7 gold. Varys's Riddle player is 2nd, collects 5 gold.

Confirmed by Odrl, more conversation about it on our Discord.

mak 313
When playing online (TIT) and being 1st player with Riddle, trigger Summer Harvest first. The #1 above will apply. — mak 313

Rules FAQ:

  • Varys's Riddle doesn't copy an ability, it initiates it. When resolving Varys's Riddle, take the opponent's plot in your hand, and resolve its When Revealed ability as if you've just revealed that plot instead of Varys's Riddle.

  • If one player reveals Summer Harvest and another player reveals Varys's Riddle, then the First Player (likely the one who revealed Varys's Riddle) can choose whether the gold value of Summer Harvest is 2 or 7. (More details)

  • When you resolve the when revealed ability on another player's plot card, you're considered to be the controller of that plot card while it resolves, so characters that are "immune to opponents' plot effects" (e.g. Maester Luwin, Septa Mordane, Winterfell Heart Tree) will not be protected.
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Rules FAQ

  • Varys's Riddle can only initiate a "When revealed" ability on a currently revealed plot card (not a used plot).
  • Varys's Riddle, like all "When Revealed" plot abilities, is not optional. You must do it even if the ability will be detrimental.
    • For example, if you initiate the ability on Trading with the Pentoshi, your opponent will gain 3 gold.
    • If you initiate the ability on your opponent's Power Behind the Throne plot, you have to put a stand token on his plot, because the ability on PBtT says to place the token on PBtT (by title).
  • The interaction with Summer Harvest it tricky. See this thread for details: