House Martell. Loyal.
Event. Cost: 2.

Play only if there is a card with shadow in your discard pile.

Action: Choose and reveal a card from each player's shadows area, if able. You may put those cards into play.

Louiz Brito
As High as Honor #8.

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A Traitor's Whisper

Rules FAQ

  • A card with shadow is any card with the printed "Shadow (X)" keyword and the shadow banner next to its gold cost. Any other card that had gained the shadow keyword while it was in play or in shadows will no longer have that keyword once it enters the discard pile.

  • You can play A Traitor’s Whisper even if one or more players have no cards in shadows. If you do, you must choose a card for each player that does have one in shadows though.

  • If you decide to "put those cards into play", you must attempt to put all of them into play, even if you do not want to. If a card cannot enter play in this way (for instance, due to its cardtype, a copy in the dead pile, Barring the Gates revealed, etc.), that card simply stays in shadows and stops being revealed once the effects of the event resolve.

  • Players are not allowed to rearrange the order of their cards in shadows. Once the cards stop being revealed, any player with a good memory should still be able to tell which card is which.

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