House Martell. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 6. STR: 5.


Insight. Shadow (5).

Each card you control in shadows gains shadow (X). X is that card's printed cost.

Reaction: After you lose dominance, look at the top 2 cards of your deck. Place 1 in shadows, and the other on the bottom of your deck.

Borja Pindado
As High as Honor #7.

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Doran Martell

Rules FAQ

  • If any card you control in shadows already has the shadow keyword, Doran will cause it to gain a second instance of the shadow keyword, possibly with a different cost. When such a card is brought out of shadows, you may choose which instance of the shadow keyword is used.

  • A card will gain the shadow keyword from Doran even if it was placed in shadows by different means (for instance, Edric Dayne (HMW)). If Doran leaves play (or his text gets blanked), any card that has no other source of the shadow keyword will no longer have shadow. Such a card may still be brought out of shadows by a card effect though (for instance, Starfall Spy).

  • You lose dominance if an opponent wins dominance. In a melee game, multiple players can lose dominance, even if one of them has a lower total for dominance than the others. If there is a tie for dominance, no player wins or loses dominance.

  • Doran’s reaction is optional, but once you decide to trigger it, you must place one of the cards in shadows even if you do not wish to. Do not reveal any cards to your opponents when resolving this ability.

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