Rules FAQ

  • You can ambush multiple copies of Jade Sea Dromond or any other Warship location with the limited keyword. The restriction of 1 limited card per round only applies to cards that are marshaled or played, but not to cards that are "put into play" using ambush.

  • A quantity cannot be reduced so that it functions with a value below zero, so any 0-cost Warship in your hand will simply gain ambush (0).

  • Although the wording is somewhat unusual, it works just like any other "do X to do Y" ability. You kneel Pyke and choose a target first, and then your opponent can cancel the effect with cards like Treachery. (See Roose Bolton.)

  • Placing a card on top of a player’s deck is not the same as discarding that card. In other words, you can use a duplicate or Improved Fortifications to save a location against Pyke, but you cannot use Rimegate. Same with characters, a card like Family, Duty, Honor will still work, but Bodyguard will not.

  • The phrase "that player" refers to the card’s owner. If you target a card that is not under its owner’s control, it is the owner (not the controller of the card) who will draw 1 card at the end of the phase.

  • If the card is saved, the post-then part of the effect will not resolve, so the owner will not get to draw a card.

Fleet from Ten Towers

Rules FAQ

  • It is possible for the STR of Fleet from Ten Towers to change during a challenge if the reserve value of the defending player changes (for instance, via the ability of Ten Towers Galley). It is also possible for it to gain renown while another keyword is being processed. For instance, while processing the pillage keyword, Andrik the Unsmiling could remove a reserve modifier by discarding a location such as Northern Rookery from play, bringing the reserve value of the defending player down to 4. This is where the order in which keywords are processed matters, and that order is decided by the first player. If renown has not been processed yet (it cannot be processed unless there is a character with renown present), Fleet from Ten Towers may gain 1 power.
Storm's End

Rules FAQ

  • If the cost of an ability requires you to stand a character that "cannot stand", that ability cannot be initiated (for instance, Ser Dontos Hollard).

  • When you use Storm’s End to change the challenge type to , the original challenge type is still considered to have been initiated. For instance, you can still use Tyrion Lannister (Core) if an challenge was initiated, but you cannot use Lyn Corbray (FotS). Cards that refer to the challenge type later in the challenge (like Sunspear (Core) or Sarella Sand) refer to . Mhysa does not work during any challenge that becomes due to Storm’s End. It will still only work during the first challenge that was actually initiated as a challenge.

  • Initiating a or challenge still counts towards your permission for that challenge type, even if the challenge type is changed. In other words, if you initiate a challenge that gets changed to , you are still considered to have initiated your 1 challenge that phase, but not your 1 challenge.

  • If a character "does not kneel when declared as an attacker" in a particular challenge type, Storm’s End will not retroactively affect that. For instance, if Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) is declared as an attacker in a challenge, he will remain standing after Storm’s End is used. On the other hand, a character with Lady Whiskers attached will be knelt when declared as an attacker in a challenge, and will not stand if the challenge type is changed later.

  • Changing the challenge type also affects any modifiers or effects that apply during a particular challenge type. For instance, Ser Colen of Greenpools would have his STR increased, while a character with Traitor to the Crown attached would immediately stop contributing its STR to that challenge. Also, you can trigger reactions to winning or losing a challenge, but not reactions that refer to another challenge type. When you apply claim, claim is applied.

  • Losing a challenge that was originally initiated as a challenge of another type still counts for cards like Privileged Position or The Red Keep (Core). If A Game of Thrones is revealed and you change an challenge to , the winner of that challenge has not won an challenge.

  • The assault keyword is used before the reaction window to a challenge being initiated opens. If Storm’s End is targeted using assault, it will be blank before you can use it in that particular challenge. Winterfell shares the reaction window with Storm’s End. If Winterfell is used first, Storm’s End can no longer be used (assuming its controller does not have a Winter plot card revealed).

  • If Crown Regent is used to redirect a challenge, that challenge is still considered to have been initiated against the original opponent. That means you cannot use Storm’s End when a or challenge is initiated against another player and then redirected to you. But if a challenge is initiated against you and then redirected to another player, you can use Storm’s End to change the challenge type to , even though you are not involved in that challenge as the attacking or defending player.

Antler Men

Rules FAQ

  • Power can be moved to your faction card when you apply claim, or by a card effect (such as Stormlands Fiefdom). You cannot trigger Antler Men when you "gain" power for your faction, as gaining and moving power are two different things.

  • If you use Antler Men to gain gold after applying claim, it will be too late to use that gold to pay for cards that react to winning the challenge (for instance, Support of the People).


Rules FAQ

  • The chosen character only gains the keywords Gendry has when the reaction is triggered. If Gendry subsequently gains or loses a keyword, the chosen character remains unaffected.
  • The chosen character only gains one instance of each of Gendry’s keywords, even if Gendry himself has multiple instances of that keyword.
  • If Gendry has a Weapon attachment, he is an eligible target for his own ability. In that case, he will get +2 STR and gain a second instance of each of his keywords.
  • Gendry can choose any character that has a facedown Weapon attachment from A Mummer's Farce.