House Tyrell. Loyal.
Event. Cost: 0.

House Hightower.

Action: Kneel a House Hightower or Oldtown card to place the top card of your deck in shadows with a shadow token on it. While that card is in shadows, it gains shadow (X). X is its printed cost.

And beyond, where the Honeywine widened into Whispering Sound, rose the Hightower, its beacon fires bright against the dawn.
Folko Streese
Hear My Words #40.

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We Light the Way

Rules FAQ

  • You do not need to reveal the card you place in shadows. In fact, you are not allowed to look at the card until the entire effect resolves (unless something else allows you to).

  • If the card you place in shadows has the printed shadow keyword, it will end up having two instances of the shadow keyword while it is in shadows, possibly with different costs. When that card is brought out of shadows, you may choose which instance of the shadow keyword is used.

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