Character. Cost: 6. STR: 3.

Ally. Brotherhood.


Forced Interrupt: When the challenges phase ends, each player must choose and kill a loyal or House Frey character they control, if able.

Dominance Action: Discard 1 kiss token from a character or 1 power from a Brotherhood character to put Lady Stoneheart into play from your dead pile.

Marc Simonetti
Hear My Words #41.

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Lady Stoneheart

Rules FAQ

  • The Forced Interrupt still triggers even if one or more players have no loyal or House Frey characters to kill.

  • You can only use tokens on cards you control to pay costs, so you cannot discard a kiss or power token from an opponent's character for Lady Stoneheart's ability.

  • You can trigger Lady Stoneheart from your dead pile even if there is a copy already in play. She will enter play as a duplicate (as long as you own and control her).

  • You cannot trigger Lady Stoneheart from your dead pile if you have multiple copies of her in the dead pile.

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