Rules FAQ

  • See Alla Tyrell for previous rulings on how this mechanic works. I will only add rulings that are unique to Sweetrobin below.

  • A quantity cannot be reduced so that it functions with a value below zero. If a player’s initiative value is a negative number, it will be treated as 0, so Sweetrobin will be able to target cards that player reveals with printed cost 0.

  • Cards with printed cost "-" have no printed cost, so Sweetrobin cannot interact with them. (See Printed cost of shadows cards.)

  • If you search for a card with A Time For Wolves, Iron Victory's Crew, or At the Gates, that card is still revealed even if you intend to put it into play, so Sweetrobin can remove it from the game first. Other search effects that put a card directly into play usually do not require you to reveal that card, but Devan Seaworth is an exception (presumably due to an oversight), so Sweetrobin works against Devan as well.

  • If Alla Tyrell is revealed from a player’s hand or deck while Sweetrobin is in play, the two cards share the same interrupt window. If Sweetrobin is triggered first, Alla can no longer be put into play. If Alla is triggered first, Sweetrobin can no longer remove her from the game.

  • Some of the other non-search effects that Sweetrobin can mess up are Citadel Novice, Dothraki Handmaiden, Gates of Winterfell, I Never Bet Against My Family, Jon Connington, Maege Mormont, Nightfort Builder, Randyll Tarly (JS), Ser Mark Mullendore, and The Higher Mysteries. With Pentos, you cannot put the attachment into play after Sweetrobin removes it from the game, nor do you get to draw a card. With Renly Baratheon (FFH), you still draw a card even if Sweetrobin removes your revealed card from the game.

  • Sweetrobin can alter how some abilities resolve, because cards those abilities interact with might no longer be in their specified areas. A few examples... If Sweetrobin removes the card revealed by Called Into Service, it is impossible to draw that card or put it into play, but you can still gain 2 gold. If Sweetrobin removes one of the cards revealed by White Harbor, the losing opponent is forced to add the only remaining card to your hand. When resolving Summoned to Court, if Sweetrobin removes the only character with the lowest printed cost from the game, no player can put any revealed character into play. With Haldon Halfmaester, you cannot draw an event or put Aegon Targaryen into play, but you can still place gold on a card with the same cardtype. With Womb of the World, if the card that would have been put into play is removed from the game, that card is no longer "eligible" to be put into play. Another card is put into play instead, if possible.

Anya Waynwood

The way it's written, it seems like Anya Waynwood could kneel an enemy neutral location for her ability cost. Do I understand correct?

Kneeling is a cost and you can never use opponent —
Kneeling is a cost here and you can never use opponent's cards to pay a cost. —
Banner of the Falcon

Rules FAQ

  • The deckbuilding restriction refers to your draw deck. Plots with the House Arryn trait (such as Wardens of the East) will not count towards the 12 House Arryn cards you must include in your deck, and neither will Banner of the Falcon itself.

  • Cards that are not in play do not count towards the number of House Arryn cards you control. That includes Banner of the Falcon, since agenda cards are not considered to be in play. Your revealed plot card is considered to be in play though, so it will increase your number if it has the House Arryn trait.

  • A quantity cannot be reduced so that it functions with a value below zero. If your initiative value is a negative number, it will be treated as 0, so your loyal characters will not get +1 STR if you control no House Arryn cards.

Wardens of the East

Rules FAQ

  • An in-faction card is any card that matches the affiliation of your chosen faction. If your deck includes cards from another faction, those cards are considered to be "out of faction". Cards that have no faction affiliation are considered to be neutral. Neutral and out-of-faction events are not affected by the ability of Wardens of the East.

  • You can play "The Winter Maid" to interrupt the revealing of Wardens of the East, because the plot’s ability is not active yet. However, you cannot play it to interrupt the revealing of the next plot, as the ability of Wardens of the East is still active then. It is the opposite with events that would be played later in the plot phase, such as Ahead of the Tide or Someone Always Tells (when interrupting a When Revealed ability, not when interrupting "The Winter Maid"). But remember that some events are not affected by this plot, depending on what your faction is (see above).

  • A card that is already revealed cannot be chosen as the target for an effect that would reveal it, in the same way that a kneeling card cannot be chosen as the target for an effect that would kneel it. That means you cannot choose a card in shadows for Littlefinger (AHaH) while this plot is revealed, and you cannot choose a card in shadows for A Traitor's Whisper if it can be neither revealed nor put into play.

  • Players are not allowed to rearrange the order of their cards in shadows. Once the cards stop being revealed, any player with a good memory should still be able to tell which card is which.

The Defiance of Duskendale

Rules FAQ

  • Any location that was targeted by assault will automatically be knelt if the attacking player wins the challenge (and still controls an attacking character with the assault keyword). This happens before any reactions to winning or losing the challenge can be triggered.

  • Assault cannot kneel a location that is already kneeling. You will not be able to trigger the reaction in that scenario.

  • If you reveal this plot with Battle of the Trident, it will be much too late to trigger the reaction in that same challenge.

  • You do not have to be the attacking player in order to trigger the reaction. You can trigger it "against yourself", or during a challenge you are not involved in (in a melee game).