Rules FAQ

  • Killing a character and moving gold onto The House of Black and White is all part of the same action. You must legally target a character for a kill in order to move gold onto The House of Black and White.
  • Moving gold does not depend on whether the kill was successful or not.
  • You may kill a character with printed strength 0 (or X) by discarding 1 or more gold.

Rules FAQ

  • The plot moved to the bottom of your used pile will be faceup (Source).
  • If you have “The Rains of Castamere” as your agenda, you may choose and move a Scheme plot to the bottom of your used pile. This card will not be removed from the game, but will be available to reveal with the Rains trigger again after you reveal your seventh non-Scheme plot.

What happens if, during the same round, the character goes back to the previous owner?

For example:

First player plays The Rat Cook and takes control of Sansa Stark (Core). Then the second player plays Ward on Sansa. Will she be blank until the end of the round anyways, or will she get back her text?

the player who controls the rat cook seems to be the only one considering the text blanked. —
She will still be blanked. "Treat its printed text box as if it were blank" is a general instruction that applies to all players. —

Just ran into a situation with a player who had multiple Highgarden Courtiers on the board. Could you trigger the effect multiple times with the separate courtiers or does the once per phase limit apply to all copies of the card?

"Limit" is per card, so you can trigger each Highgarden Courtier on the board to stand separate characters. —
So now I'm confused about Brothel Madame. Why can't you trigger multiple Brothel Madames? —
You can trigger multiple Brothel Madames, but the ability is worded such that giving gold for one instance of the ability will resolve it for all instances of the ability. If the opponent gives you gold for the first Madame, then they have "given you gold this phase", so the condition has been met for the second Madame as well. Only "Max" restrictions like on Put to the Sword or Bloody Arakh apply across multiple copies of the same card. —
thanks —

Does this work with Robert in any way?

Say I have him attacking and an opponent declares a defender, thus giving Bob a +1 STR, could I trigger this lady to stand him so I can cause some ruckus and dethrone the Mad King with the fury of a stag (just filling the 100 word requisite)

+1 —