Location. Cost: 2.


Shadow (1).

Dominance Action: Kneel The Inn at the Crossroads to draw 3 cards and choose an opponent. Give control of The Inn at the Crossroads to that player.

Greg Bobrowski
In Daznak's Pit #98.

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The Inn at the Crossroads

Rules FAQ:

  • You can trigger The Inn at the Crossroads, draw 3 cards, choose an opponent that already controls another copy of The Inn, and fail to give control. (Source)
mplain 237
What happens if you play Clever Feint on The Inn at the Crossroads after you have given control of it to your opponent? 1) — Wrecko 216
1) Does the Inn at the Crossroads go into shadows? 2) If it does go into shadows, who controls it? — Wrecko 216
Nevermind, I actually read Clever Feint, and you can only put cards you control into shadows. — Wrecko 216
Cards always go to the shadows area of the player who owns them, regardless of current controller. Same thing as with Warding the Hound - he'll go to his owner's hand. — mplain 237

Rules FAQ

  • If you choose an opponent who controls a copy of The Inn at the Crossroads, you will draw 3 cards but the Inn will remain under your control.
  • If you take control of The Inn with Sea Bitch, then trigger it, it will remain with the opponent you chose for the action, as that is the most recent control effect.