Attachment. Cost: -.

Item. Weapon.

Shadow (1).

Reaction: After you win an or challenge by 5 or more STR as the attacking player, return attached character to its owner's hand.

Card design by 2008 Joust World Champion, Lucas Reed.

John Matson
In Daznak's Pit #99.

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A Pinch of Powder

Rules FAQ:

mplain 237
You can ambush the card costing 0 with Raider fron Pyke. Should this mean, that the cost should be considerd 0 for the effect of nighttime marauders? — avallonnn 4
No. Same reasoning as with Qohor. — mplain 237
Can this be put into play via Donal Noye? — tsuyaa 19
Rules for the shadow keyword specifically state that shadow cards with - cost can only enter play via shadow and can not be played directly from hand. For this reason, I would say that they cannot be ambushed by effects of raiders — guagno333 1
Added Source link to Danny's ruling. — mplain 237
Yes, Donal Noye and Pay the Iron Price can put this card into play. Also Salladhor Saan and Ser Kevan Lannister. — mplain 237
Can someone help me clarify if you can ambush or not this attach with Raider from Pyke ? Thank you! — rimaru2 1
x is not -.So I don't think that this card can be ambushed with Raider!!!!!!!!!!! — Hargen 1