While you control no attachments, increase the gold value on each opponent’s revealed plot card by 1.

Reaction: After claim is applied for a challenge you won, sacrifice an attachment to search your deck for a different attachment with equal or lower printed cost and put it into play.

Card design by 2016 European Joust Champion, Florian Maas.

David Griffith
The March on Winterfell #39.

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Trading With Qohor

Rules FAQ

  • As a reaction to claim being applied, you cannot trigger Trading with Qohor as the defender.

  • This reaction takes place during the “C” step of “D.U.C.K.”; after reactions to winning and unopposed challenges, but before keywords are applied.

  • Qohor can be triggered on a claim of 0, or if normal claim effects are replaced (e.g. Mirri Maz Duur).

  • Qohor does not trigger off of Maester Aemon WOTW.

  • You must search for a different attachment by title.
Since it is claim being applied to a challenge you won, and you can only apply claim if you win as the attacker, there is quite no need to specify that you can't trigger the agenda as the defender. — IraFunesta 24
Tell that to all the people who'd asked ;) — mplain 237
People who never read the rulebook i guess — IraFunesta 24
Do i need to shuffle my deck after searching..? — faust74 1
An attachment of the opponent as well?? — Klanister 1