House Tyrell. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 4.

House Redwyne.


+3 Income.

Mauricio Calle
No Middle Ground #64.

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The Arbor

Rules FAQ

The Arbor is the first card in 2nd edition that is both unique and Limited. Even when playing a duplicate, the "Limited card" play restriction is checked first, before The Arbor enters play as a duplicate. Therefore, playing the duplicate counts as playing your limited card for the turn.

The new FAQS make it possible to play a limited duplicate: "Marshaling a duplicate is not considered to be marshaling a card with any of that card’s characteristics. It is only considered to be “marshaling a duplicate.” While marshaling a duplicate, that card is not subject to restrictions based on the card’s printed characteristics, including cardtype, faction, keywords, etc." — guagno333 1
how does this apply to setup? — BaratheonisBoss 1

The Arbor, a chud and the Mander walk into a bar. When they arrive, they see that The Arbor is already there. The joke ends without resolution because the set up was illegal. 10/10, would play again (but only one at a time)