House Tyrell. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 3. STR: 3.


Interrupt: When Alla Tyrell is revealed from your hand or deck, put her into play.

Alla Tyrell would be of great help, if Taena could deliver her.
Drazenka Kimpel
Bran the Builder #22.

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Alla Tyrell

Rules FAQ

  • If a search effect instructs you to "reveal" the searched-for card and you reveal Alla, you can use her ability to immediately put her into play. If the original effect was supposed to add her to your hand (or something along those lines), that part of the effect will fail to resolve and Alla will stay in play. Note that you must reveal Alla for this to happen though, simply seeing her among the cards you search through will not allow you to trigger her.

  • If a portion of a player’s deck is revealed (for instance, with Exchange of Information or A Gift of Arbor Red), and Alla is among those cards, she can be put into play before any choice is made. The player using those cards must then choose among the remaining options.

  • Cards like Oldtown or Hightower Spy, whose resolution depends on what card is revealed, still resolve like normal even if Alla is put into play via her interrupt. In other words, you still gain 1 power for Oldtown if you named the character cardtype, and you still get +3 STR for Hightower Spy. If you reveal Alla for There Is My Claim and put her into play, you are still considered to have revealed 4 characters, so the cost is paid successfully.

  • If you reveal Alla with Highgarden (BtB) and put her into play, she still counts towards the number of unique characters you revealed. You will not be able to choose her to get any STR increase though, because she was not established as a legal option in Step 1 of initiating that ability. (See FAQ.)

  • If Alla is revealed with Greensight or Jojen Reed and you put her into play, it will not cause the next card to become revealed. If the option to "discard those cards" is chosen, only the ones that remain revealed will be discarded.

  • If Alla is revealed by Ser Mark Mullendore and you use her interrupt to put her into play, you do not place Ser Mark on top of your deck. It was not his ability that put Alla into play, so the "if you do" part of his text does not apply.

  • You can put Alla into play if she is revealed by Stolen Message, but only immediately when she is first revealed. If you miss that window, you can no longer use her interrupt, unless she somehow becomes unrevealed and revealed again.

  • Alla can only be "revealed" by card abilities that specifically use that word. If players can see her by some other means (such as when she is shown as part of checking play restrictions, for instance), she is not considered to be revealed.

  • Any ability that lets you "look" at cards in an opponent’s hand or deck does not "reveal" those cards, even if both players know their identity as a result.

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