House Targaryen. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 5.

Meereen. Stronghold.

Twice per round, you may marshal or play a facedown card under a Meereen location you control as if it were in your hand.

Reaction: After 1 or more cards are discarded from your hand, place them facedown under The Great Pyramid. If The Great Pyramid leaves play, remove each card you placed under it from the game. (Limit twice per round.)

Sebastián Aguirre
Bran the Builder #21.

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The Great Pyramid

Rules FAQ

  • If you have cards under multiple Meereen locations (see Meereen), you can marshal or play them a total of two times per round between all of those locations. You cannot put those cards into play in any other way though (like ambush, or the ability of Qotho), nor can you discard them to pay costs.

  • If you have already marshaled or played two cards from under a Meereen location, and then The Great Pyramid leaves and re-enters play in the same round, you do not have permission to marshal or play any additional cards with it.

  • If an opponent takes control of The Great Pyramid, that player may look at the facedown cards you placed under it and marshal or play them as if they were in his or her hand. You may do the same with any facedown cards an opponent placed under a Meereen location you control, as long as you control The Great Pyramid. (Source.)

  • The limit twice per round is a limit on how many times you can trigger the Reaction ability, not a limit on the number of individual cards you can place under The Great Pyramid. If a number of cards are discarded at the same time (for claim, reserve, or for a card like Incinerate), you place all of them under The Great Pyramid.

  • The Great Pyramid shares the reaction window with other cards that react to cards being discarded from hand or placed in the discard pile. If another card removes them from the discard pile (for instance, Citadel Archivist or Now My Watch Begins) before you trigger the Pyramid, you will no longer be able to find those cards in the discard pile and put them under the Pyramid. Also note that interrupts happen before reactions, so Ser Meryn Trant can individually remove all the cards from the game before any of them are placed under the Pyramid.

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