Character. Cost: 4. STR: 3.

Ally. House Arryn. Spy.

Interrupt: When the effects of an ability that chooses a Lord or Lady character you control as its only target would initiate, return Lord Protector's Retainer to your hand to cancel those effects. (Max once per phase.)

Anders Finer
As High as Honor #22.

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Lord Protector's Retainer

Rules FAQ

  • Lord Protector’s Retainer can only cancel abilities that include the word "choose". If the word "choose" isn’t there, the ability is not considered to be a targeting ability (for example, Tears of Lys or Ghaston Grey). (See Choose.)

  • Keywords are abilities as well, so you can cancel stealth or intimidate.

  • You can cancel an ability that interacts with an out-of-play area. For instance, if a Lord character in your discard pile is chosen by Balon Greyjoy (KotI), you can use Lord Protector’s Retainer to cancel Balon’s ability. (See previous ruling on High Septon.)

  • You cannot cancel an ability that chooses its target in the post-then aspect of its effect. The effects of such an ability have already initiated by that point, so the cancel window is closed. That goes for abilities that interact with cards in play (Podrick Payne, The Tickler, etc.), as well as abilities that interact with out-of-play areas (His Viper Eyes).

  • The Max once per phase applies to all copies of Lord Protector’s Retainer. You can only trigger this ability once each phase, even if you control multiple copies of the card, or if the same copy of the card enters play again in the same phase.

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