House Lannister. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 3. STR: 1.


Interrupt: When a character would be killed for claim, pay 2 gold and put Podrick Payne into play from your hand to save it. Then, if that character was Tyrion Lannister, you may pay 2 gold to choose and kill an attacking character.

Tyrion had never quite gotten over the suspicion that his father had inflicted the boy on him as a joke.
David Auden Nash
Tyrion's Chain #109.

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Podrick Payne

Rules FAQ:

  • Putting Podrick into play is part of the cost, not the effect (unlike Dolorous Edd, Ser Alliser Thorne, etc.). So if his ability is cancelled with Treachery, the save and kill effects do not resolve, but Podrick remains in play.

  • You can use Podrick's ability even if another copy of him is already in play. The card in your hand will enter play as a duplicate, the rest of the effect will resolve as normal.

  • If Podrick is killed upon entering play (e.g. due to Blood of the Dragon), it does not abort the resolution of his ability.

  • Podrick can save a character from Trial by Combat, but not from The Seastone Chair. (Source)
mplain 206
Used this little dude to kill a fully-loaded Red Viper with massive strength. If the challenge had gone through I would've lost. Worth it just for that. — Bill Schitz 1
Note that The Red Viper's reaction ability fires before military claim ;) — mplain 206