House Martell. Loyal.
Plot. Income: 0. Initiative: 0. Claim: 0. Reserve: 0. Plot deck limit: 1.


When Revealed: Choose and reveal a new plot card. (Cannot be canceled.)

Raymond Bonilla
Sands of Dorne #46.

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At Prince Doran's Behest

Rules FAQ

  • First player chooses which order all When Revealed effects initiate in. This includes plots revealed by resolving the When Revealed ability of Behest. For example: Player 1 reveals Nothing Burns Like the Cold, and Player 2 reveals At Prince Doran’s Behest. Player 1 elects to go first, and chooses to resolve Behest first. Player 2 uses it to reveal Building Orders. Player 1 may then choose either Nothing Burns or Building Orders to resolve first. (Source)
  • If At Prince Doran’s Behest is your final unrevealed plot, the When Revealed effect fails to resolve and it remains your revealed plot.
  • If a deck uses The Rains of Castamere to copy the effect of At Prince Doran’s Behest (e.g. with Pulling the Strings), they may reveal any plot in their deck, Scheme or non-Scheme.
If I play At prince doran's behest and my opponent plays a kingdom card, I then reveal naval superiority. Regardless of the order of play, is my opponents plot card essentially 0 gold? — Luke@me 21
Correct. Income is collected when that player becomes the active player in the marshaling phase, not when plots are revealed, so Doran's Behest into Naval works against a Kingdom plot. — scantrell24 3328
can i choose plot from used plot? — mabadw 1