Your plot deck must be exactly 10 cards. You may include a second copy of up to 2 different cards in your plot deck.

Card design by 2014 European Joust Champion, Donovan van Beek.

Tim Durning
Sands of Dorne #45.

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The Wars To Come

Rules FAQ

  • You are still limited to a single copy of any plot with a plot deck limit of 1. (Ex: Valar Morghulis)
So, I guess it should read “You may include a third copy of up to 2 different cards in your plot deck” ? — de-mil 1
No. For example, you can include 2x Heads on Spikes, 2 Filthy Accusations, and 6 individual plots. You cannot include 2 Valar Morghulis, because it's limit 1 per plot deck. — scantrell24 3295
Oh, so it’s a restriction, not an advantage… — de-mil 1
No..... normally you could only include a 2nd copy of one plot. This lets you include a 2nd copy of up to 2 plots if you want. — scantrell24 3295
My bad, I forgot about that. Thanks for the clarification. — de-mil 1