House Targaryen. Loyal.
Event. Cost: -.

Shadow (3).

Interrupt: When the challenges phase ends, stand each character. Following this phase, there is an additional challenges phase. (Max 1 per round.)

Antonio José Manzanedo
In Daznak's Pit #94.

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In Daznak's Pit

Rules FAQ

  • You can use the reduction from Hizdahr zo Loraq to bring In Daznak’s Pit out of shadows, since interrupts to the end of the phase occur during the phase.
How does this card work with plotcards which have a "during the challenge phase" text? (E.g. Sailing the Summer Sea) Does that text apply to this additional challenge phase? — Xavaerys Targaryen 1
Yes, the text on Sailing the Summer Sea would allow an additional power challenge in each challenges phase. — scantrell24 3328
You know nothing Lord Targaryen ;) — The King in the North 1
How does this card work with Winter Festival? Do I gain a potential 4 power during one round? — siegeszug 311