Your plot deck must be exactly 10 Edict, Siege, or War cards.

Reaction: After claim is applied for a challenge in which you control an attacking Army or Commander character, kneel your faction card to reveal:

- a War plot if it is a challenge.

- an Edict plot if it is an challenge.

- a Siege plot if it is a challenge.

Then, choose a plot card in your used pile. Remove that card from the game until you have exactly 1 card in your plot deck.

Vincent Gatica
For the Realm #30.

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Battle of the Trident

Rules FAQ

  • You can include any combination of plots with the specified traits in your plot deck. You are still allowed to include a second copy of one of those plots.

  • If a plot has more than one of the specified traits, you can reveal it during each challenge type that corresponds to any of those traits.

  • You need to control an Army or Commander character after claim is applied, not after the winner of the challenge is determined. If the claim value is 0, or if a claim replacement effect is used, claim is still considered to have been applied.

  • When you reveal a plot in the challenges phase, you skip the steps of comparing initiative and choosing first player. You only resolve When Revealed abilities. If you have revealed your last plot in this way, you also return each plot in your used pile to your plot deck. The post-then part of the Reaction is the last thing that happens. Only after all of the above is completed can you trigger reactions to a plot being revealed (and reactions to a plot entering your used pile).

  • Any plots that have been removed from the game return to your used pile when you have exactly 1 plot left in your plot deck. The term “plot deck” refers to the plots that are still unrevealed, so it will happen when you reveal your penultimate plot card. The plots are returned immediately after you physically reveal the new plot (before comparing initiative if you are in the plot phase, or before resolving the When Revealed ability if you are in the challenges phase). If you are then forced to remove one plot again, it will just return to your used pile immediately. Any plot that returns to your used pile is placed on top of that pile (you are technically not allowed to change the order, even though there are currently no cards in the game for which this would matter). If multiple plots return simultaneously, you may choose the order in which they are placed on top of your used pile. Note that playing Change of Plans can also cause your plot deck to become exactly 1 card. In that case, the removed plots will return to your used pile immediately after the effects of the event resolve, before the reaction window opens.

  • Plots that return to your used pile are considered to have “entered your used pile”, so you can trigger Sand Steed (although there are currently no Summer plots that could be used with Battle of the Trident).

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