House Martell. Non-Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 1.


Limit 1 copy per character.

Reaction: After a Summer plot card enters your used pile, attached character gains 1 power.

The sand steeds of Dorne were swift and tireless, and would keep going for long leagues after other horses had given out, but even such as they could not run dry
Kingsmoot #56.

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Sand Steed

Rules FAQ

  • Using Change of Plans to move a Summer plot to your used pile will trigger Sand Steed.
  • Triggering The Rains of Castamere while you have a Summer plot revealed will also trigger Sand Steed.
  • Old Nan’s effect only lasts until the end of the round, so the plot will no longer have the Summer trait by the next plot phase.
  • Sand Steed resolves AFTER all When Revealed Plot effects.