You cannot place cards during setup. Your other cards do not provide a gold bonus.

+3 Income. +2 Initiative. +1 Reserve.

Card design by 2009 Joust World Champion, Greg Atkinson.

Tim Durning
City of Secrets #39.

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Knights of the Hollow Hill

Rules FAQ

  • A gold bonus is a positive gold modifier (Ex: The Roseroad). Cards with a negative gold modifiers are still applied to your revealed plot. (Ex: Pleasure Barge)
  • Your opponent’s cards effects can increase the gold value on your plot. (Ex: Gates of the Moon, Trading with Qohor)
  • Cards that increase your gold value through text still work. (Ex: The Stone Drum, Winter Reserves)
so.. I can "gain" gold from my other cards.. right? — naitz 3
Yes, Dornish Fiefdom and Tyrion Lannister for example still give you gold. — scantrell24 3334
can i marshal into shadows during setup — Pavpach 8
@Pavpach No. — scantrell24 3334
Its worth noting that Winter Reserves and Stone Drum still work with KotHH. They are not a gold bonus. Similarly, opponent's card effects such as Trading with the Qohor and Gates of the Moon still increase your gold. — mrdav 127
So which is it on WR? I agree with Mr. Dav as I see Roseroad adding 1 gold to your pool. It doesn't change the gold value of your plot, it adds(bonus) 1 to your plot. Whereas the WR changes a 5 gold plot to 6, not adding(bonus) 1 gold. — kidohearts 1269
Interesting, "gold bonus" is not defined in the Rules Reference. It refers to the +X gold icons as — scantrell24 3334
modifiers, not bonuses. But KotHH blocks only the +x gold icons, not other text such as Winter Reserve and Stone Drum as mrdav says. — scantrell24 3334
What's about Beneath the Bridge of Dream? — Bruce 47