House Frey.

During the first challenge you initiate each phase, each of your participating characters gets -1 STR.

During the third challenge you initiate each phase, each of your participating characters gets +2 STR. If you win this challenge, gain 1 power for your faction.

Michael Komarck
The King's Peace #60.

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The Lord of the Crossing

Rules FAQ

Can I initiate my first challenge with a 1 strength character (that will become 0 strength)?

Yes. A character's strength is not a factor in whether or not a challenge was initiated. You can even initiate the challenge with a 0 strength character, then "pump" the character with an effect such as Margaery Tyrell during an action window before the strength is compared is to determine the winner at step 4.2.2. in the flowchart on page 25 of the RRG.

However, you only collect the bonus for unopposed if you win the challenge, and you cannot win a challenge, attacking or defending, with a total challenge STR of 0 -- no matter what your opponent counts.

Rules FAQ:

  • You gain 1 power for winning the third challenge before any player can trigger reactions to winning/losing a challenge (including forced reactions).

  • If you kneel Randyll Tarly to attack in the third challenge, he'll gain +2 STR, and you can trigger his Reaction ability to stand him.
mplain 237
Can you clarify the timing for when you receive 1 power during your third challenge? According to the RRG, you apply challenge bonuses after you determine the winner (RRG pg. 25). — Edge Seeker 1
Challenge bonuses are unopposed bonus and rivals bonus, nothing else. The Lord of the Crossing has a delayed effect that applies as soon as its condition is met, i.e. when you're determined to be the winner of the challenge. — mplain 237