House Greyjoy. Non-Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 1.


character only.

Attached character gains the Drowned God trait and cannot be chosen as the only target of opponents' events.

+1 Initiative.

Jim Brady
True Steel #112.

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Drowned God's Blessing

Rules FAQ

  • This card does not protect from Tears of Lys, because placing a poison counter doesn't involve choosing a target.
  • Blessing protects from Put to the Sword, Dracarys, Like Warm Rain, Confinement, The Things I Do For Love, Nightmares, Take the Black, and The Kraken's Grasp, among others.
  • It does not protect from Consolidation of Power (if multiple targets are chosen), Even-Handed Justice, Dragon Sight, or The Watcher on the Walls.
does it protect against mutiny at caster'crest? — Normandwizard 20