House Greyjoy. Non-Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 1.


character only.

Attached character gains the Drowned God trait and cannot be chosen as the only target of opponents' events.

+1 Initiative.

Jim Brady
True Steel #112.

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Drowned God's Blessing

Rules FAQ

  • This card does not protect from Tears of Lys, because placing a poison counter doesn't involve choosing a target.
  • Blessing protects from Put to the Sword, Dracarys, Like Warm Rain, Confinement, The Things I Do For Love, Nightmares, Take the Black, and The Kraken's Grasp, among others.
  • It does not protect from Consolidation of Power (if multiple targets are chosen), Even-Handed Justice, Dragon Sight, or The Watcher on the Walls.
does it protect against mutiny at caster'crest? — Normandwizard 20
Q: If a character already has the "Drowned God's Blessing" attached, and then defender is protecting against military claim by playing "Risen From the Sea", can the Stark "The Pack Survives" be used to interrupt "Risen From the Sea"? In other-words, am I playing the Interrupt on the Character or the Event itself before it reaches the Character. — Jadehope 76
Yes, pack survives can cancel risen. Drowned God's blessing has nothing to do with it, as the character is not targeted. — scantrell24 3338