Plot. Income: 3. Initiative: 8. Claim: 1. Reserve: 5. Plot deck limit: 2.


You may initiate an additional challenge during the challenges phase.

Tomasz Jedruszek
Core Set #5.

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A Storm of Swords

Rules FAQ

If I have Khal Drogo and Storm of Swords, how many military challenges can I initiate? Three. You can normally initiate one military challenge. There are two effects (Storm and Drogo) granting you a permission to initiate an additional challenge, so you can initiate two additional military challenges for a total of 3.

The good news?

This is a Tomasz Jedruszek art, which means, it is very good art.

The bad news?

This plot doesnt fit in much. Simply put, if you can win 2 military challenges, youve probably won the game already. This is a win more card through and through. And that makes the card bad. Put in more win from equal or win from behind cards.

I disagree with the above. If you can win 2 mil challenges on one turn, the game is far from over. Winning two military challenges isn't really very hard to do, and it doesn't really do much by itself unless you have 2 claim (Drogo + Retaliation works much better). And it's not a win-more card, it's a card for stifling the opponent and capitalizing on his weakened state to finish him off. First kill off his chuds, then March his big guy to the Wall. A very viable strategy, but easier to achieve by using a 2 claim plot. — mplain 231
The only way I would really see someone using this plot is with a non-kneeler that is going to spam renown off of it, namely Jaime and Balon. It is very annoying if someone combines it with one of those. But otherwise, yes, you might as well just use a claim 2 plot--since this one is only 3 gold as well, even something like Winds of Winter would be better. — Normie 8