Plot. Income: 5. Initiative: 11. Claim: 2. Reserve: 5. Plot deck limit: 2.


You cannot initiate more than 1 challenge during the challenges phase.

Rafal Hrynkiewicz
Core Set #21.

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Sneak Attack

Rules FAQ

If I have Khal Drogo and Sneak Attack, how many challenges can I initiate? Only one, because the word "cannot" on Sneak Attack is absolute, and takes precedence over Khal Drogo's ability. The same logic applies to Casterly Rock, Olenna's Informant, etc. See RRG pg 4

And I can't do additional challenge if I have title "Hand of the King" anyway? — hartnetto 1
Absolutely no more challenges of any kind. — mplain 220
Does Nefarious Acolyte remove the limitation on Sneak Attack when its action is used? — Statusunquo 1
Yes. — scantrell24 3294

Whats the result in comboing Sneak Attack into Rains of Castamere? Am I able to attack a second time (first time after rains got into game)?

Krenko 1
When you reveal this plot as a result of triggerring the Rains of Castamere, the claim for that INT challenge would be 2 and you will not be able to initiate any more challenges that round. The word "cannot" supersedes other rules which could allow you to have more challenges. It makes almost no sense to play this within the Rains agenda unless you want to have some surprise "Trial by combat" 2 (or 3 with core Cersei) MIL claim. — wordsmith 1

When a plot says 'you' does it mean 'you' the card owner or 'you' the players? I have not seen anything that clarifies this.

It means 'you, the card owner'. — JakeMalone 36