Character. Cost: 6. STR: 3.

Lord. Small Council. Spy.


Interrupt: When the dominance phase ends, remove Varys from the game to discard each character from play.

"Why is it always the innocents who suffer most, when you high lords play your game of thrones?"
Mike Capprotti
Core Set #29.

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Rules FAQ

Varys is removed from the game rather than being sacrificed/discarded to avoid an interaction with discard pile recursion such as Rebuilding. While a copy of Varys is removed from the game, it's perfectly legal to marshal a second copy (provided of course that there isn't a third copy in your dead pile).

Anything that saves from a "discard" effect can save from Varys, so Bodyguard and Duplicates both work.

You cannot initiate Varys' ability and then try to save him (ex: with a duplicate). "If any part of a cost payment is prevented, once all costs that can be paid are paid, the process of initiating the ability or marshaling/playing the card immediately ends without further resolution."

Do I have to initiate Varys abilities after the first dominance phase he took place in or can I do it whenever I want provided it's after the dominance phase ends? — Henk1993 1
@Henk1993 It works at your choice which dominance phase it's used. If it were a forced interupt it would have to be done during the first dominance phase he made it to ends. But being that it's not forced it's controller's decision — dcs5743 1