Attachment. Cost: 1.



Treat attached character's printed text box as if it were blank (except for Traits).

By the time the maester removed the funnel from his mouth, he was already spiralling back to sleep.
Kara Williams
Core Set #35.

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Milk of the Poppy

Rules FAQ

Milk of the Poppy only blanks the PRINTED text box on attached character card. Any GAINED text still applies, such as Daenerys Targaryen gaining renown from Drogon, or Balon Greyjoy gaining stealth from Great Kraken.

Milk of the Poppy cannot be setup.

Can you milk a character with a "no attachment" text on it? — uolmo 1
No you cannot — widowmaker 1
You should be able to play Milk of the Poppy during setup on your own character. Ir might not make a lot of sense, unless you attach it to Ser Jorah Mormont or Sansa Stark (WotN). — AisoRed 16
Do it block the +2 income of Tyrwin Lanister ? Since It's an image. — Romfi 1
Yes, it blocks the Tywin gold income — Papayo Snow 27

What can be said more about Milk of the Poppy other than it’s an auto-include in almost every deck? It’s one of the few events in the game that can disable those high-cost characters that you’ll undoubtedly face in the current meta. As long as big characters are good in the game, this card definitely has a place.

HDTran 2
What about Yoren, what happens when milk is attached to him? — LordKresho 1
How does Milk work on Yoren? Does it give back the character which was taken to it's owner, or does it actually help Yoren and the character does not go back to it's owner after Yoren leaves play? Thank you. — LordKresho 1
Milk would actually do nothing to Yoren. His effect (including the return of the character once he leaves play) is part of a single Reaction text that occurs when he enters play. — SonOfBattles1 436