House Baratheon. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 5. STR: 4.

Lady. R'hllor.

Reaction: After you marshal or play a R'hllor card, choose and kneel a character. (Limit once per round.)

"It is not the foes who curse you to your face that you must fear, but those who smile when you are looking and sharpen their knives when you turn your back."
Jacob Murray
Core Set #47.

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Rules FAQ

  • A card does not need to be in play/active at the timing it's triggering condition happened, merely in play/active in the window for its interrupt/reaction to be used. Therefore, Melisandre can react to herself entering play, much like Littlefinger and many other cards.

  • Melisandre's reaction only works when a character, location, or attachment is "marshaled" or an event is "played". It does NOT work when a character is "put into play" via Arianne, Reinforcements, etc.

  • Page 17 of the RRG: "Always resolve a triggering condition before initiating any reactions to that triggering condition." This means you play Seen in Flames, resolve it, and then trigger Melisandre.

  • Melisandre can react to a cancelled Seen in Flames. RRG pg 7 "If the effects of an event card are canceled, the card itself is still considered to have been played, and it's costs remain paid."

Wow, Melisandre is so good that I felt compelled to build my House Lannister deck around her!

In 2.0 kneel effects currently belong with House Baratheon (in 1.0 House Lannister ruled the hyper-kneel). So long as you have enough R’hllor cards, you can be kneeling one character per turn with the red lady. This may well effectively eliminate an opponent’s strong character from the entire game!

Melisandre also has good strength and icons and is very useful during conventional challenges.

If you are running House Baratheon then surely the red lady is your MVP!

Hayati 44