House Baratheon. Loyal.
Event. Cost: 2.

Play only during a challenge in which you are the defending player.

Action: Choose a kneeling character you control. That character is now participating as a defender. If you win this challenge, stand that character.

Joshua CairĂ³s
Core Set #63.

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Ours is the Fury

Ours is the Fury doesn't care about challenge icons or stealth. Those requirements are only checked during the "normal way" to add characters to a challenge, during the"declare attackers" and "declare defenders" frameworks, whereas this ability is an action performed during an action window within a challenge.

For example, Robert Baratheon can be made to participate in an intrigue challenge with Ours is the Fury's ability.

Likewise, if Robert is stealthed, he can still be added as a defender with Ours is the Fury (provided he was already kneeling).

If Robert is already kneeling as a defender, can he be targeted by this card? Although the sentence "that character is now participating as a defender" will not change the game state, the last sentence (about standing) still has the possibility to change the game state. — Prof*Joe 1
Yes, you can use Ours is the Fury on an already-defending character, — scantrell24 3263