House Greyjoy. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 7. STR: 6.

Ironborn. Lord. Raider.

Pillage. Renown.

Reaction: After Euron Crow's Eye discards a card using pillage, put a location from the losing opponent's discard pile into play under your control.

"The Crow's Eye worships naught but his own pride." Aeron Damphair
JB Casacop
Core Set #69.

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Euron Crow's Eye

Rules FAQ

If you OWN a unique card in play, regardless of who controls it, you cannot marshal/play/put into play/take control of another copy of that card - except as a duplicate (if you own & control all instances).

Euron's reaction triggers after Pillage, which occurs in step K (keywords) of the DUCk acronym. So any location discarded by intrigue claim during step C (claim) will be in the discard pile and before Euron's reaction.

If you steal a Kingsroad, then discard it during the next Marshaling phase, the Kingsroad will return to its owner's discard pile so you can steal it over and over.