House Greyjoy. Non-Loyal.
Event. Cost: 0.

Interrupt: When a character would be killed, save it. Then, attach Risen from the Sea to that character as a Condition attachment with the text: "Terminal. Attached character gets +1 STR."

Tommy Arnold
Core Set #81.

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Risen from the Sea

Rules FAQ

  • Can I play another Risen from the Sea after my opponent cancels the first with The Hand's Judgement? Yes. Each copy of Risen from the Sea is a separate save, and the triggering occurrence (a Greyjoy character going to die) is still valid for the second copy if the first is cancelled.

  • A save is like dodging a bullet, not like being brought back from the dead after you've been fatally shot. So all duplicates, attachments, and tokens on a saved character remain there, because the character never actually died.

  • If I use Dracarys on a str 3 character, can my opponent use 2 Risen from the Sea to save it? No. Each triggered ability has to be considered individually. You cannot combine the effects of two triggered abilities to create a change in the game state if they do not change the game state separately. That's just an overly technical way of saying that since the first Risen from the Sea does not raise the character's STR above 0 (i.e., change the game state), it cannot be triggered - even though you have another Risen from the Sea in hand.

  • The "save" effect is immediate, and prevents the death at that moment. Once it succeeds, the secondary effect attaches the card to the character just saved, and gives them +1 STR. The character remaining alive isn't conditional on keeping the attachment.

  • It's important to note that the two effects are not co-dependent. You could use Risen from the Sea to save a "no attachments" character, for instance. Furthermore, the secondary effect of Risen from the Sea creates a lasting effect that defines the ability of the card itself - not the character it attaches to. You basically imagine Risen from the sea as an attachment with the text "Terminal. Attached character gets +1 STR". By discarding the attachment, you remove the bonus.

  • Risen becomes a Condition attachment, so it can be removed by Master Cressen, Rattleshirt's Raiders and Confiscation, but not Weapons at the Door.