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Supports: None

Rivals: None

You may redirect 1 challenge this round.

+2 STR for Dominance

"The Hand serves," the young knight informed him airily. "The regent rules until the king is of age." Ser Lancel Lannister
Tomasz Jedruszek
Core Set #211.

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Crown Regent

Rules ref states the redirected challenge is "considered to have been initiated against the original opponent, but it resolves against new opponent" - this means that the new opponent cannot trigger "when a challenge is initiated against you" triggers (but the original target can) e.g. Core Eddard Stark stand reaction.

RRG "Redirect":

If a challenge is redirected, the player who is initiating the challenge must immediately choose a new opponent to resolve the challenge against. The attacking player may also choose new stealth targets (controlled by the new defending player) if he or she desires.

mplain 213
What happens if I redirect the challenge and there is only on player left who s supported by the attacker? Is it possible to redirect the challenge in this way? Or is the challenge done without further harm for anyone? — Henk1993 1
Any effect that would prevent a challenge from being initiated against a player does not prevent a redirected challenge from resolving against that player. (This means that a redirected challenge may resolve against an opponent the attacking player supports.) — mplain 213