House Martell. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 5. STR: 4.

Bastard. Sand Snake.

Challenges Action: Choose an opponent's character. Until the end of the phase, that character loses a challenge icon of your choice, and each Sand Snake character you control gains that challenge icon. (Limit once per phase.)

The Road to Winterfell #35.

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Nymeria Sand

Rules FAQ

  • Icons, much like Strength, Keywords, and Traits - are treated as modifiable values (see Modifiers in the RR) that are constantly recalculated. Effects like Nymeria Sand , Confinement and Attained are simply applying a "-1" modifier to a certain icon type, while effects that add icons, such as Edric Storm, (Arya Stark, Syrio, and Syrio's Training are applying a +1 modifier to that icon. The effects of them all are cumulative, and whether the sum is 0 (or less) or 1 (or greater) determines whether the character is considered to have the relevant icon or not.

  • Note that in Nymeria's case, she's not "Stealing" the icon - she's choosing a character, applying a -1 modifier to an icon type, and (note "and" - not "then", so independently) applying a +1 modifier to sand snakes of that same icon type. There is no requirement for the first portion to result in a change from "having an icon" to "not having an icon" for the icon gain effect to succeed. Furthermore, the ability can still be triggered even if nobody went from having an icon to not having one (or the other way around), because it will still have successfully applied a -1 modifier.

  • Nymeria Sand gives an icon to Sand Snakes that are in play when her ability is triggered. If you ambush a Sand Snake after that, the new Snake will not get the extra icon.

  • Removing the relevant challenge icon from a character while that character is already participating in a challenge does NOT remove the character from the challenge. Once a character is participating, it stays participating unless a card ability specifically removes it (see Highgarden).
What happens if Nymeria targets a character with a little bird attachment on and she "Steals" intrigue icon? — xXxDaRkStAr 1
depends if the char has an intrigue icon to begin with... i.e. (char does not have an intrigue icon) 0 + 1 - 1 = 0, or (char has an intrigue icon) 1 + 1 - 1 = 1 — krisko 1
one question here, does nymeria ability triggers before your opponent started to declare which challenges to initiate? or nymeria can triggers her ability after challenge type being initiated by the attacking player? — intothefantasy 1
You can use the ability in any challenges action window, but if an opponent initiates a challenge then you use Nymeria to take an attacker's icon this won't remove the attacker - the attacker is already in the challenge. You would usually use Nymeria's ability in the action window before the first challenge is initiated. — MC729 1
What are good counters? — tedi 1
Can you trigger Nymeria, bounce her to hand with Obara and then put her back with Arianne and trigger her again? — Sz4r1ej 1