Plot. Income: 4. Initiative: 3. Claim: 1. Reserve: 4. Plot deck limit: 1.


When Revealed: Each player chooses up to 2 locations he or she controls. Each location not chosen is discarded from play.

JB Casacop
The Road to Winterfell #40.

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Political Disaster

how does this work with ‘the gods eye?’ If I were to have three in play and two other locations, choosing the two other locations, does the ‘cannot be discarded from play’ text allow me to keep the five locations in effect?

Luke@me 21
God's Eye is unique, so you can't have 3 in play at the same time. But yes, you could choose your other two locations and God's Eye would remain in play because it cannot be discarded. — ystros 1
To add to that, you can't even choose God's Eye, because it can't be discarded in the same way you can't choose Ygritte for Forced March, because she can't be knelt. Or you can't choose a character that can't be killed (i.e. protected by The Eyrie). for military claim — Toaster 35