Plot. Income: 3. Initiative: 5. Claim: 1. Reserve: 6. Plot deck limit: 1.

Omen. Winter.

Forced Reaction: After the challenges phase begins, return each character with printed cost 3 or lower to its owner's hand.

Card design by 2005 World Champion, John M. Bruno.

Thomas Denmark
No Middle Ground #79.

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The First Snow of Winter

Rules FAQ

RRG pg 8. For any given triggering condition, forced interrupts take priority and initiate before non-forced interrupts, and forced reactions take priority and initiate before non-forced reactions.

Therefore, First Snow takes priority over "normal" reactions to the beginning of the challenges phase, like Brothel Madame. So Brothel Madam will bounce to hand before she gets a chance to trigger.

Duplicates can save from First Snow of Winter. From the RRG: A duplicate grants its controller the following triggered game ability: “Interrupt: When the overlapping unique card would leave play, discard this duplicate to save that card. (Cannot be canceled.)”