House Stark. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 1.


Reaction: After a unique character you control is killed or sacrificed during the challenges phase, sacrifice Winterfell Crypt to choose a character with equal or lower printed STR. At the end of the phase, if that character is still in play, shuffle it back into its owner's deck.

Michael Komarck
Calm over Westeros #82.

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Winterfell Crypt

Rules FAQ

You compare the printed strength of both characters -- the unique Stark character being killed/sacrificed and the opponent's target character. Strength modifiers change effective strength, but not printed strength (the ink on the card).

Duplicates can save from any effect that makes the character leave play, including "Shuffle into the deck".

Tears of Lys kills a character outside of the challenges phase, so you cannot react with Winterfell Crypt.

There are several examples in which cases this card can be played. Thank you. — Lalov 1