House Baratheon. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 7. STR: 6.

Kingsguard. Knight. Small Council.


Interrupt: When a Lord or Lady character you control would be killed, stand Ser Barristan Selmy to save that character.

"Your Grace, there is honor in facing an enemy on the battlefield, but none in killing him in his mother's womb. Forgive me, but I must stand with Lord Eddard."
Romain Leguay
True Steel #107.

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Ser Barristan Selmy

Rules FAQ

Note the "stand to save" format: Standing is the cost of the ability (just like kneeling usually is), while 'save' is the effect. You can only trigger the ability if Ser Barristan is kneeling, so that you can stand him to pay the cost.

Treachery can cancel the effect (the save), but the cost is still paid, so Ser Barristan stands even if cancelled.

I am sorry, I don't understand. Does that mean that to use the ability to stand Ser Barristan Selmy in order to save Lord or Lady character I need to pay 7 gold ? — ovidenov 1
@ovidenov No, standing is free. It's just means that if someone cancels the save, he still stands. — Stratix 1
can i defend with Barristan (kneel him for the defense) then select a Lord o Lady for the claim and then stand Barristan to save my "claim selection"? — GionniNeve 1
can I choose already knelt Selmy as target of wild fire, and then stand him to save not chosen character? — morphineForOdin 37
No. The effect for Wildfire Assault says "cannot be saved" — nflenz 1

Rules question.

If I choose to save a Lord with Ser Barristan, but Ser Barristan is cancelled, can I then use a duplicate to save said Lord instead?

Very late reply but the answer is YES. If cancelled Selmy will Stand and the character may be saved by another means. — Daviduk91 184